In His Steps Dance Ministry will be setting new guidelines based on the current safety needs within our community.  We ask that you exercise patience and kindness as we navigate these new procedures together.  Our goal is to continue offering quality dance training that glorifies the Lord while also staying healthy. Any and all questions are welcomed and we will do our very best to make sure you have a safe and fun semester!


  • We have scheduled time between classes to provide time for cleaning and safe class changes. Note: Parents should wait until their dancer enters the studio before leaving to ensure they are able to proceed with class.  


  • Before entering the studio, each student, parent, or faculty member will need to conduct a personal wellness check which should include: taking your own temperature and reviewing a few screening questions.  


  • Only attending students (and their parent or guardian) will be admitted into the studio. Siblings, friends, and other persons must remain outside.


  • We will have one door used when entering the building and one door used when exiting the building. Signs will be posted.


  • Dancers should only bring what they need for class into the studio. Students who require a dance bag must maintain 1 zipped bag for essential items only (shoes, water bottle, feminine hygiene, or other necessary medical products).


  • Students who do bring their own water and snacks should have them clearly labeled to avoid confusion. The water fountain and snack machine will not be used during this time.


  • The lobby, office, and changing rooms will now be open for dancers use, but we still request that parents do not wait in the lobby between classes.  Please plan accordingly.  


  • If you need to visit the office for any reason (to make a payment, ask a question, etc.) please call ahead to make an appointment or to check if you can enter the studio.


  • Classes will end on time.  Please be prompt to pick up your dancer.  This allows us to keep a timely flow between each class.


  • We kindly ask that individuals (age 5 & up) wear masks/cloth face coverings while in common ares (bathroom, lobby, office, etc.). We will try and provide disposable masks for students to use. 

  • Masks are required on the dance floor for students 5 & up. Breaks will be taken to ensure students receive ample fresh air. 



  • There will be capacity limitations in place for each class, as well as for the studio.


  • During in-person class time we will dance in designated personal spaces.  


  • We kindly ask that masks/cloth face coverings be worn (by individuals age 5 & up) while in common areas (bathroom, lobby, office, etc.). We will try and provide disposable masks for students to use.


  • Ballet barres and other high touch surfaces such as light switches, door knobs, etc. will be wiped down between classes. At the end of each day, all studio spaces will be fully cleaned and sanitized.

  • Any props and/or equipment typically used for class will also be cleaned. Faculty will only provide tactile feedback if a student is comfortable.


  • Bathrooms may now be used by dancers to change clothes, but if possible, we encourage dancers to arrive dressed and ready to dance.


  • When necessary, students will be asked to participate in periodic hand sanitation throughout class.


  • Teachers, parents, and students will be asked to monitor themselves and/or their children for symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Please notify staff and promptly return home if you are not feeling well.

  • If there is a return to an earlier phase, guidelines will be adjusted accordingly. 



  • At this time, we will not be continuing with our remote class options, however, if state mandates and guidelines change, we may return to remote classes if necessary. Below you will find the procedures for how remote classes function. 

  • In order to continue offering dance training we have installed computers in both studios.  All of our classes will stream live via Zoom to enrolled students during their regularly scheduled time.  

  • Regular class attire and classroom guidelines still apply.

  • We recommend each student create their in-home studio environment by making a private space for class.  Dancers will need at least a 6 'x 6' cleared area.  A sturdy chair can be used for a barre. Dancers will also need quality Wi-Fi in order to Zoom efficiently. If you have questions about specifics, please contact us directly. We are happy to assist you with creating a proper in-home dance space.​

  • Only those enrolled students will be admitted into online classes. Parent observation will be allowed from time to time, however, these observations need to be scheduled ahead of time.  If you feel you need to observe class, please contact your student’s instructor via email prior to class.​

  • If we return to in-person classes, our remote class option is recommended for any student who feels they may have been exposed to Covid-19 or other illnesses throughout the semester.  Note: When you are ready to return to in-person classes, please notify us via email and we will arrange for your attendance.

All Covid-19 (coronavirus) guidelines and precautions have been set following the recommendations of the CDC and local governing authorities. If you have any questions and/or concerns about current restrictions for NC please refer to: